SAGE Publications Ltd Person centred and Experiential Therapies

An essential new guide for any person centred trainee or practitioner, this book explores some of the key contemporary counselling and psychotherapy approaches that have developed from classical client therapy. Part One discusses five


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Palgrave Macmillan Planning and the Case Study Method in Africa

This book addresses the relevance of case study research methodology for enhancing urban planning and education in Africa global South. It provides an introduction to features examples of its app


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Routledge Writing and Editing for Digital Media

Writing and Editing for Digital Media teaches students how to write effectively digital spaces whether writing an app, crafting a story a website, blogging, or using social media to expand conversation. The lessons exe


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Routledge Social Development and Work Perspectives on Protection

Social protection is now considered a development milestone and an important tool in combating poverty. Interventions can include, for example, health insurance, public works programs, guaranteed employment schemes, or cash transfers targeting vul


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Cambridge University Press The Rise of Ethnic Politics in Latin America

The Rise of Ethnic Politics in Latin America explores why indigenous movements have recently won elections for the first time in history of region. Raúl L. Madrid argues that some parties by using inclusive populist app


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Oxford University Press Family Caps, Abortion and Women of Color

Fifteen years ago, New Jersey became the first of over twenty states to introduce family cap, a welfare reform policy that reduces or eliminates cash benefits unmarried women on public assistance who become pregnant. The caps have lowered


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Springer Eyeblink Classical Conditioning Volume 2

Classical conditioning of the nictitating membrane (NM) eyeblink response in rabbits is a useful model system for study of neurobiology of learning and memory. This paradigm that is so well described on a biological level has also been app


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Oxford University Press A Rage Order

The Crucible of Race, a major reinterpretation of black white relations in the South, was widely acclaimed on publication and compared favorably to two of seminal books on Southern history: Wilbur J. Cash's Mind of


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Routledge Breaking the Silence

A program you can use for time limited clients suffering from sexual abuse! Breaking the Silence: Group Therapy Childhood Sexual Abuse guides through initial establishment and group formation to its termination. step by app


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Kinguin Metro Sim Hustle Steam Altergift

TAKE THE REINS Take the reins of a high speed commuter train and see if you can keep up with tight schedule. Your passengers are waiting for you, but watch out traps terrorists! MAKE A LIVING Earn some extra cash by completing sidequests locals, manufacturing trafficking narcotics, having a scrap at arena, or breaking into buildings. Hit one of entertainment venues after work that include a club, arcade, casino. DROP SOME CASH Visit st...


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